Dates Prices in Malayisa

The Dates Prices In Malayisa Depend On Its Productions

Loaded with nutritional and medicinal benefits, date palm is an economically important crop for data-producing countries, like Malaysia. Globally, the quantity of dates that is imported from India, UAE, and Morocco is far below Italy and Canada in respect of value.  Regionally,  however, their date import value is equal to its neighboring countries, like Indonesia, This variation is obvious even though Malaysia imports fewer dates by volume,  and that  Malaysian  Muslims are notably fewer than their Indonesian counterparts. Malaysia’s high value per tonne indicates that date consumers prefer more finest quality dates more than general quality. So dates price in Malaysia is a decisive factor for the local economy.


This circumstance reveals the importance of date cultivation in Malaysia locally.  The ingenious production of such dates can reduce their prices and reduce dependency on imports. However, an apparent obstacle to putting off the establishment of such a venture is the doubt surrounding the option of growing date palms and dates price in Malaysia. Little study has been carried out on the topic. Neither technical nor any economic viability data are obtainable for reference.


The implication of this study lies in the initiation of new agro-industry marketing opportunities in Malaysia and income flow for the farmers. Technical viability was done through a widespread study by contrasting the date palm requirement in Malaysian climate and soil data.


Following the success of Thailand, Indonesia is aiming to become self-sufficient in dates-producing countries similar to Malaysia. The demand for imported date palms is increasing with time as the health experts are suggesting consuming quality dates every day to stay fit and fine.

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Dates play a significant role in the economy of Malaysia. A wide variety of dates are cultivated here and exported in every part of the world.


Here are a few best dates found in Malaysia.

   Medjoul Dates

It is a kind of popular date in Malaysia. These fat-free, naturally sweet dates will not heighten your cholesterol level. The health experts recommend Medjoul Dates as it is a potential resource of dietary fiber. People choose it as a good snack. People often search the Medjoul dates price in Malaysia which is often found in the packet of 800 Gm.


  Halawi Dates

These dates are fleshy, thick, and rich in a caramel-like sweetness. Due to its awesome taste, people frequently search this variety. It is so delicate that it gets melted on the palate quickly. You can get easily these Halawi Dates in the packet of 400 Gm


Ajwa Dates

Ajwa Dates are acknowledged as healthy eating as they contain high fiber, numbers of vitamins and minerals, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, manganese including soluble fiber. These organic dates are delicious and healthful also. This variety is easily available in a 4oo gm packet.


Following the benefits of dates across the world production of dates need to be increased that will determine the dates price in Malaysia and the different markets of dates producing countries.